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KEIM mineral coating system is a German technology manufactured from natural earth pigments and fillers combined with water glass to produce inorganic paint that both penetrates and bond with the mineral substrate onto which it is applied. This bonding principle of KEIM enables walls to breath so as to maintain healthy moisture balance. In basic terms the potassium silicate or water glass solution penetrates the mineral substrate and chemically reacts with it, forming a tight micro crystalline structure, so it actually becomes part of the structure of its mineral base not a coating on top and so it does not peel/flake.

Mineral paint allows free passage of water vapour through it. It has an sd value of less than 0.01 – sd values indicate the amount of vapour permeability something has. The lower the amount, the less interrupted the passages of vapour, so the more ‘breathable it is. So it becomes part of the substrate, whilst keeping water molecules i.e. rain and damp rise effect out. But despite having full breathability, it behaves like a masonry covering. In case of fire, KEIM doesn’t ignite ensuring maximum safety and more importantly doesn’t release toxic combustion gases.

Today’s environmental awareness has led to increasing demands for environmentally harmless durable paints. KEIM is the only paint manufacturer who meets this Green standard and has been doing this since 1878 with various international green certifications. Zero VOC, fire proof, no plasticisers, no solvents and preservatives. KEIM is sustainability.

KEIM Royalan exterior paint for coastal areas & inner cities This is a high spec finish. It is more suitable for areas of harsher weather conditions – exposed coastal areas with chloride, hotter countries and inner city areas where dirt is more of an issue. Used as a coating for an external platform round a house, or for example a wall next to a busy road.

KEIM Coolit AP: This is an IR reflective mineral coating developed for hot extreme climatic conditions and aggressive sunlight and it doesn’t absorb heat or radiation energy like conventional paints. The surface remains cooler and saves money from air conditioning cost. It also reduces the UHI effect which is a typical feature in global warming.

KEIM Concretal Lasur: This is designed for protection of old and new concrete to achieve a fair faced concrete appearance in problem areas and to equalise colour deviations of concrete. It comes in all concrete shades and variety of other colours.

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