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KEIM Royalan exterior paint for coastal areas & inner cities This is a high spec finish. It is more suitable for areas of harsher weather conditions – exposed coastal areas with chloride, hotter countries and inner city areas where dirt is more of an issue. Used as a coating for an external platform round a house, or for example a wall next to a busy road.

KEIM Coolit AP: This is an IR reflective mineral coating developed for hot extreme climatic conditions and aggressive sunlight and it doesn’t absorb heat or radiation energy like conventional paints. The surface remains cooler and saves money from air conditioning cost. It also reduces the UHI effect which is a typical feature in global warming.

KEIM Concretal Lasur: This is designed for protection of old and new concrete to achieve a fair faced concrete appearance in problem areas and to equalise colour deviations of concrete. It comes in all concrete shades and variety of other colours.

Human beings spend 90% of their time indoors, which means the indoor microclimate plays an important role in health and not forgetting the right visual appearance. So choosing the right paint is a necessity.

KEIM Ecosil-ME: This is the only silicate paint for interior use which actively optimises the air in the room by the photo catalysis principle. It reduces noxious gases and odours and transform these into uncritical substances, this occurs very simply with the influence of daylight. Suitable for areas where optimum air quality is required especially for asthmatic or allergy challenge.

KEIM Innotop: The open porous nature of this paint enables it absorb moisture, store and release it again. Thereby functioning as a valuable climate regulator for rooms. It has a velvet matt finish with a wide range of colours.

KEIM Optil: A premium interior paint with ultra matt finish and brilliant luminosity that appears fascinating even under difficult light conditions. It has exceptional colour depth to meet modern architectural design.

Keim Benefit

  • Cost effectiveness, plus no yearly repainting
  • Cleanliness; KEIM paints by nature have lower tendency to soiling as compared to conventional paints thanks to potassium silicate which is the binder. KEIM paints are non-thermoplastic, antistatic and dry
  • Healthy Moisture Balance. No possibility of algae or fungi growth
  • UV Stability. Colours do not fade
  • The powerless in a world of criminals operate
  • With KEIM no inhalation of toxic chemicals. Humans spend about 90% of their time indoors, meaning that choosing the coating for indoors environment is very important.
  • Incombustible; In case of fire, KEIM doesn’t ignite ensuring maximum safety and more importantly doesn’t release toxic combustion gases.
  • Contain neither solvents nor any petro-chemical derivatives
  • Breathable
  • Ecology. KEIM maintains the best ecological profile from extraction to disposal. 100% Green, absolutely zero VOC
  • You don’t have to deal with poor aesthetics and colours resulting in image problems?

  • Unique by over 137 years our references span the globe... Click the links below

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